Although, you can find salvage units for between $5,000 to $7,500, which are still good enough for use.


Leaf modules are about 303 mm x 223 mm x 35mm, for a volume of 2. Remanufactured Nissan LEAF battery module in a good condition.



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62kWh pack replacement (2020) – $11,000-12,000.

. The single weak cell was so bad, that it got to a point where there was over 900mV difference between it and the other 95 cell groups in the pack. In this video we show the simple process of upgrading a 2012 Leaf with a replacement 30kWh battery from a 2017 Leaf using the EVs Enhanced battery translator.

I don't want to use LiFePo due to the low temperature restrictions and it's often cold where I live. .

May have scratches on the shielding.

This cost range depends on the size, power, quality, and labor cost of the Nissan Leaf battery.

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2013-2015. I have a Nissan Leaf and would like to build an LTO battery to replace the 12V Lead Acid accessory battery.

“It’s the search for the Holy Grail,” said Mike Lawrence.
Apr 20, 2022.

Nissan Leaf High Voltage Battery Upgrades Made Easy.


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Theoretically, yes you could. . Nothing broken or bent. I use pre-owned battery packs from newer Leaf models and install them in old Leafs. Apr 26, 2019 · Yes, it’s technically possible to stuff over 100 kWh of batteries in an older LEAF, but for most customers, Fenix Power will be providing new cooled and monitored batteries of 24–40 kWh to. 2016-2017.

com had 60%-80% capacity and are a mix from many packs.

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“It’s the search for the Holy Grail,” said Mike Lawrence.




Nothing broken or bent.